Production Studio

slide6We can facilitate your production needs whether you are shooting a music video, an interview show, a YouTube channel or a photography subject.  Our 12’x12′ room is equipped with a white cyc room and green screen.







$400 per day (Discounts for multiple days)



  • 10 hour day
  • Green Room access with TV, couches, mirror and changing area
  • Game Room access with TV, darts, air hockey, basketball and Netflix
  • Makeup Room
  • Kitchen access
  • Lounge Area access
  • Reception Area access


Lighting Kit Available

Lowel Lighting Kit at $75 per day and includes:

2 broad-throw 750w Tota-lights and 2 500w focusable Omni-light, plus 2 Tota-brella, gel-frame & gels, and 3 Uni TO Stands. Good for raising the ambient level of a medium sized room, or for archival copy work.

  • 2 Tota-lights (T1-10)
  • 2 750w, 120v lamps (EMD)
  • 2 Omni-light (01-10)
  • 2 Omni Barndoor (01-20)
  • 2 500w, 120v lamps (FTK)
  • 1 Tota-frame (T1-20)
  • 1 Assorted Gels (T1-78)
  • 2 Tota-brella (T1-25)
  • 2 Omni Full Scrim (O1-54)
  • 3 Uni TO Stands (UN-55)
  • 1 Tota/Omni Lampak (T0-61)
  • 1 GO-85 Case

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